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Premium Bamboo

Premium Breathable Bamboo

  • Bamboo is a unique natural material, it doesn’t absorb moisture, it wicks it away. If you enjoy an active lifestyle or are on your feet at work, these will keep you fresh.
  • Our customers can't believe how much better it is than cotton, which can get pretty sweaty.
  • These Bamboo Boxers are the first layer on your skin - they need to stay fresh for maximum comfort - Bamboo delivers all day long.

Bamboo is soft and silky and feels amazing on your skin.

  • Few other materials are as soft and luxurious as bamboo. It's all thanks to the individual fibres, which are smoother, rounder and more slender than other materials.
  • The fabric consists of over 90% bamboo. Combined with elastane and a seam-free design, it makes these boxers the softest you’ve ever experienced.
  • The best part -  Bamboo is durable and stays soft, even after many washes.

Hypo-allergenic Bamboo - Our eco-friendly bamboo fibres do not irritate the skin.

  • Bamboo is gentler than any man-made fibre - great news.
  • It is a natural solution for men with sensitive skin in an intimate area.
  • With bamboo fabric, irritation is easily prevented.

Bamboo is sustainable, eco-friendly and bio-degradable

  • Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. It doesn’t need fertilisers to grow and it’s pest resistant, so no pesticides are used. To top it all, it doesn’t need very much water to grow!
  • Fun facts: Bamboo grows 10 times faster than cotton and uses 25% of the water 
  • Bamboo is easily the best ‘green’ fabric and going green is beneficial for your skin as well as for our planet!

The ultimate material – Bamboo