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We have taken all of our customer feedback that has arrived through Yotpo.  We asked an expert to summarise the Top 5 Reasons that customers buy PlayOn.

The Top 5 Reasons are:

  1. Comfort and Fit: Many reviews highlight the comfort and fit of PlayOn products, emphasising how comfortable they are to wear throughout the day. Customers mention that the boxers provide good support, prevent chafing, and have a soft and breathable feel.

  2. Affordability: Several reviewers mention that PlayOn products are more affordable compared to other well-known brands in the market, making them an attractive option for those looking for quality underwear without breaking the bank.

  3. Performance in Physical Activities: Many customers appreciate that PlayOn products are suitable for physical activities like sports, walking, and hiking. The underwear is noted for its ability to keep everything in place, prevent riding up, and remain comfortable during active pursuits.

  4. Variety of Sizes and Styles: PlayOn offers a variety of sizes and styles, accommodating different body types and preferences. Customers mention finding the right size and fit, and there is a positive response to the availability of different colors.

  5. Comparison to Competitors: Many reviewers compare PlayOn products favorably to well-known competitor brands, often stating that PlayOn offers similar or even better quality at a more competitive price point. This comparison is a common theme throughout the reviews.

Overall, these reasons highlight the appeal of PlayOn products for their comfort, affordability, performance, variety, and positive comparison to other brands.

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