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About Our Products

We wanted to bring together performance underwear in a responsible manner - so sustainability matters to us.  We started with Innovative design.


Lets look at what goes into the boxers.

Ultimate Comfort

We blended bamboo with elastane to give these bamboo boxers a gentle all over hold.  Then we added a panel that sits on the inside of the thighs to protect your skin from chafing.  Finally we reduced the number of seams to reduce irritation.  

    No Adjusting

      Pants creeping up your legs, constant adjustment.  Not with these.
      The secret is in the material and the design of the stitching. The legs on the larger sizes are cut slightly longer to ensure the bamboo boxers fit perfectly to start with and then stay in place all day without the need to adjust them.

        Soft Waist Band

        Our Wide Waist band, with the logo is exactly right to stay in place.It’s like a soft belt, elasticated and stretchy, yet not tight. The wider design prevents rolling or movement.

          Ultimate Support

          Our 3D pouch is a great enhancement for perfect comfort.

          The double panel around your bits means that everything stays in place and is gently lifted with the secret support sewn in around the pouch. And as the bamboo material is so beautifully breathable, you will still feel fresh, even if you are snug all day.

          Premium Breathable Bamboo

          • Bamboo is a unique natural material, it doesn’t absorb moisture, it wicks it away. If you enjoy an active lifestyle or are on your feet at work, these will keep you fresh.
          • Our customers can't believe how much better it is than cotton, which can get pretty sweaty.
          • These Bamboo Boxers are the first layer on your skin - they need to stay fresh for maximum comfort - Bamboo delivers all day long.
          • Few other materials are as soft and luxurious as bamboo. It's all thanks to the individual fibres, which are smoother, rounder and more slender than other materials.
          • The best part -  Bamboo is durable and stays soft, even after many washes.

          Hypo-allergenic Bamboo - Our eco-friendly bamboo fibres do not irritate the skin.

          • Bamboo is gentler than any man-made fibre - great news.
          • It is a natural solution for men with sensitive skin in an intimate area.
          • With bamboo fabric, irritation is easily prevented.

          Bamboo is sustainable, eco-friendly and bio-degradable

          • Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. It doesn’t need fertilisers to grow and it’s pest resistant, so no pesticides are used. To top it all, it doesn’t need very much water to grow!
          • Fun facts: Bamboo grows 10 times faster than cotton and uses 25% of the water 
          • Bamboo is easily the best ‘green’ fabric and going green is beneficial for your skin as well as for our planet!

          Sustainability Matters

          It is in every part of our business, we continually seek to improve.

          All our products start out in sustainable bamboo forests. They are pesticide and herbicide free and provide employment for local farmers. The Bamboo forests must be FSC certified not to contribute to wild habitat destruction or loss.  The OEKO-TEX standard assures sustainability and quality in materials

          Quality Endorsement

          Fair Working Conditions

          PlayOn only use manufacturers who are BSCI certified - An international accreditation available to those companies who have fair work conditions and pay for their employees. The accreditation is regularly audited by the BSCI - it is serious about its ratings.           

          Trade with purpose

          Recycled Packaging

          Our packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard that is also easily recycled.