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No Chafe.

Our innovative Chafe Stopper panels are uniquely designed to protect your skin from chafing, caused by friction from activity, repeated movement and harsher materials such as cotton or polyester.

    You can now put an end to thigh chafing completely as the smooth panels are designed to stop thigh rub.  So, what’s the secret? The ‘Chafe Stopper’ panels are made of a super smooth elastane fabric, so that when your thighs rub together there’s no friction – the primary cause of chafing!

      No Ride-up

      You can ride, run, jump, play or stand all day, the legs stay in place

      Our No-ride-up design makes sure of it
        Pants creeping up your legs, you always needing to adjust… painful right?! Well, no more!!
        The design of the stitching is improved to ensure these do not ride up, even under jeans, gym gear or work trousers.
        The legs on the larger sizes are cut slightly longer to ensure the bamboo boxers fit perfectly to start with and then stay in place all day without the need to adjust them.

          Soft Band

          A Wide Waist Band is an Obvious Requirement

          Our Wide Waist band is exactly right to stay in place without any movement, regardless of your movements!
            It’s like a soft belt, elasticated and stretchy, yet not tight! The wider design prevents rolling or movement. If you are unsure about your size, go up one size to ensure the band never cuts into your skin.

              Ultimate Support

              If you’re big, the 3D pouch keeps your boys in place. If you’d like to be bigger, this pouch will do the trick.
                Our 3D pouch is a great enhancement for perfect comfort.
                The double panel around your bits means that everything stays in place and is gently lifted with the secret support sewn in around the pouch. And as the bamboo material is so beautifully breathable, you will still feel fresh, even if you are snug all day.